Snack Foods

What mom doesn’t carry around a bag full of snack s to fend of cranky kids.  Unfortunately many packaged foods geared towards kids contain harmful artificial food dyes.  Here are a list of a some popular snack foods that contain artificial dyes and dye free alternatives.

1) Instead of microwave popcorn make your own using the popcorn trick.  Pour 1/3 cup of popcorn into a brown paper bag, fold the top over tightly and microwave on high till popping ceases, then add butter, olive oil or coconut oil.  Check out the original recipe here.

2) Instead of Yoplait Gogurts, try Stoneyfield organic yogurt tubes, Trader Joe’s brand yogurt tubes, or Yoplait Simply Yogurt.

3) Instead of Fruit snacks try Annie’s Organics fruit snacks or Trader Joes real fruit leathers (no added sugar!)

4) Instead of  Peppridge Farms goldfish crackers or sunshine brand Cheezits try Annie’s Organics chedder bunnies or Trader Joes cheesy rocket ships.

5) Instead of Doritos,  try Kettle brand potatoe chips (not quite the same, but they have just three ingredients: potato, canola oil and salt).

for other easy snack ideas

1) make your own snack mix–let your kids mix nuts, dried fruit and chocolate chips

2) Fresh fruit like berries, apple slices, mango, oranges, bananas, peaches, ect.

3) Veggies like baby carrots, sugar snap peas, broccoli and baby bell peppers.

4) tortilla chips

5) cheese and crackers (like Triscuits)

6) Homemade goldfish crackers.  Look here for the recipe

7)  Homemade granola bars.  Check here for a recipe.

8) Dried Fruit

–Check here for more healthy snack ideas:

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