Candy and Treats

Part of the fun of being a kid is things like waking up Easter morning to a basket full of treats like a chocolate bunny and jelly beans, or going trick or treating on Halloween, or coming home from a brithday party with a bag full of candy.  Of course we don’t want our kids to miss out on the fun of celebrations and holidays and part of that fun includes candy treats.  So what do we do about candy kids get from other places.  For holidays like Halloween I suggest something we do with my son which is a visit from the candy fairy.  He chooses a few peieces of candy to eat and places the rest at the foot of his bed to be exchanged by the fairy for money or a toy.  As far as the other candy goes, keep in mind that most chocolate doesn’t contain artificial food dyes.  Talk to your child about the importance of making healthy choices and encourage them to choose “better” candy options, such as chocolate.  For purchasing your own candy I’ve listed some dye free alternatives.

1) Surf Sweets jelly beans

2) Unreal brand candy makes treats just like popular brands like M&M’s but without the additives and artificial food dyes.

3) Yummy Earth organic lollipops

4) Yummy Earth organic gummy bears

5) Plum organics teensey fruits

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