What’s the deal with food dyes?

Artificial food dyes are found in hundreds of products on the market today.  They are particularily prevelent in food geared towards children b/c the bright colors are intended to make the foods more attractive and thus entice children to want their parents to purhase them.

These dyes contain harmful chemicals that are dangerous to consume.

My son has had sever reactions to the dyes in processed food, causing him to have uncontrollable outbursts.  Once we removed the foods from his diet containing dyes he no longer had frequent, prolonged outburst.

Unfortunately our story is not unique.  Many parents have experience similar situations with their own children.

I incourage you to take a look at the foods your child is eating and consider the possiblity of replacing items containg artifical dyes with items contain no dyes or natural dyes.

I’ve included many ideas and products that you can purchase instead.

As always, I am happy to hear any ideas you may have on healthier food alternatives.

Happy Eating.

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