When our kids get a fever most parents reach for the Tylenol.  If they get the stomach flu and  become dehydrated we grab Gatoraide or Pedialyte.  But these products all intended to make our kids better when they’re sick actually all contain artificial food dyes.  I’ve listed several common medications and produts used for sick children, all of which contain artificial dyes as well as some alternatives.

1) Instead of grape of strawberry flavored Tylenol  try dye free Tylenol or Little Remedies acetemetaphine.

2) Instead of Pedialyte or Gatoraide  try Coconut water (it has twice the electorlyes of commercialy produced “sports drinks”

3) For dye free cough medications try ZarBees all natural cough syrup.

4)Also, be sure to check your child’s toothpaste to be sure it doesn’t contain artifical dyes.  Many do, including Kid’s Crest and Colgate brand toothpaste.  Instead try Tom’s toothpaste for kids (it even comes in fun flavor like strawberry).

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